Serenity Massage and Spa

Serenity Massage and Spa


June 19, 2019, Serenity Massage and Spa opened its door to the public with the goal of providing relaxation and beauty services in the city of Iligan. 


As is often the case of a newly opened small business, Serenity Massage and Spa after a month of operation found their brand was not growing as quickly. Iligan City with over 15 existing spas, Serenity Massage and Spa experienced low consumer loyalty. They had a current Facebook account, however, there’s no consistency in disseminating the brand messages and had limited social media posting. 


Our first step is the process of introducing Social Media Marketing that will land on seamless branding that will strengthen the brand identity to increase its reach,  sales-driven content with consistency in posting, campaigns, promotions and user-generated content.


Established Identity. Our team engages strategically every facet of the brand to ensure we are inline with the purpose of the business through examining Serenity’s page, enriching the content, elevating the language to deliver clear information that customers must know about the brand.

Unleashed creativity. We launched a series of stunning display and consistent Facebook posting with product-specific, user-centered messaging that saw impressive results.

Emphasized. We give highlights on  their campaigns and promos to give attention to the crowd that is inline with the current events, celebration and holidays.


July 22, 2019, when Serenity started its partnership with Pylon, and within a month, people are starting to notice the brand especially on their social media account. There’s growth in their number of viewers and more people are engaging in the social media post. Serenity has also been evolved into one of the known businesses that offer massage and spa in the city.