Yolanda Martinez

Yolanda Martinez


Yolanda Martinez is one of our foreign clients. She’s an advocate of Women Empowerment and has a movement of 21-day Habit Formation. In her desire to inspire women by empowering them through her life experiences, she created this 21 DAYS OF SELF DISCOVERY WITH YOLANDA Movement, an online course that will allow women to express their ultimate success.


Viewers enjoy an attractive visual when dealing with online content. We strategized a design for Yolanda’s Facebook page that will allow her to send the right message to her target audience which is ‘empowerment’. Using these graphic designs, we also created relevant content that will resonate with her purpose. We have been managing her page and posting content every day. 


In her quest for empowering others, she chose us to deliver her message to the world through her social media account. These are some of the graphic and content works we made for her page:

Tired of setting goals and not achieving them? Try to look back on your small, incremental steps, in other words, your habits. Do these support the things you want to achieve? The secret is to relate to an important goal, make a commitment to work at it and make sure it supports the life you’re trying to create.

Message me if you want to know more about forming new habits. Let’s have an empowering session!

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Yolanda Martinez today enjoys a regular content posting on her Facebook page. We do 2 postings per day which gives her 14 postings every week. She’s been very responsive with regards to revisions as well as compliments with the contents we make for her. Yes, she’s been giving us positive feedbacks as she gets positive comments from her target audience as well. Ah, the power of purpose-driven marketing is real!