Every idea starts from somewhere. B.Bu.Q’s was simple: families deserve a place aside from their houses, to come together and dine with all the stories from the day and with good food on the table, a place they can also call a “home”. Indeed, it’s really fun in B.Bu.Q for working them has been fun and inspiring, what with the passion of the owners and the awesome plans they have for their business which included us in the making of their success.


B.Bu.Q already existed even before they partnered with us. The challenge was we had to make a strategic design to allow B.Bu.Q to stand out in the market without trying to sound alike with the other local restaurants in Iligan City. We had to deliver their message properly.


Because B.Bu.Q caters to the majority of locals in Iligan City, we designed a casual and simple approach for their contents regularly. We make a balance of promoting their products as well as their advocacy to tell their market that they’re not only limited to just a restaurant but they go beyond in order to connect their values to the people

Yung tao o yung date? Depende na yun! 

Hanap ba ay busog at sulit na dinner date ngayong Araw ng mga Puso? Spend your special day with us at hindi namin kayo bibiguin. Bubusugin pa namin kayo sa aming sing-sarap ng B.Bu.Q Barbecue na pagmamahal! 

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Today, they enjoy a regular schedule of products and filler posting on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. We are delighted with the fact that their purpose in marketing their business is in line with the purpose of our company: Marketing with a purpose! Partnering with them is such an enjoyable and inspirational experience!