EyeCare Pro

EyeCare Pro

Up-scaling a Multi-Client Management System


EyeCarePro is a marketing and marketing design agency focused on helping optometrists in the US and Canada. The company’s target audience includes eye care professionals, family practices and corporate groups. Their services include client management systems and a variety of web and digital marketing services geared toward eye care professionals. 

The Challenge

The goal was to upscale a web migration project to accommodate the complete deployment and migration of 157 client websites within a short period of time.  Migration for each site has to include all the necessary website details: from designer frames to badges, from Hours and Location to Google Reviews and Testimonials.

What resulted was a newly-developed scalable multi-client web-migration system with a task flow that includes transferring of information from the old site to the new site, arranging the homepage and inner pages, and other related tasks that is not only accomplishable at the shortest record time, but also doable by a small team.

Scope of the Project

  • Web Design and Development
  • Web Migration and Deployment
  • Web Management Strategy

The Approach


EyeCarePro initially approached our team and guided us as we explored their site migration system.  We were then allowed to go through their first batch of websites. It was a gradual but systematic approach.  We went through each site to identify common problems like repetitive errors and causes for slow migration. Our initial findings indicated that the pre-existing system of migrating the websites took a day just to accomplish.

The idea of website development and management is to make sure that your online presence is maintained.

Web Management

Web management, by definition, refers to all of the activities included in the process of posting and maintaining a website (Encyclopedia.com, 2020).  The idea of website development and management is to make sure that your online presence is maintained. This is especially important for optometrists whose appointments and initial consultations are not just based on phone calls, but also through their website.

The challenge, then, was to make sure that each client’s online presence is barely affected.   This meant that the current system had to be modified to reduce site off-time. Thus, in response to our initial exploration, the team came up and implemented an organized task flow for efficient site migration.

The First Outcome

We then tested our new task flow system on the second and third batch of websites.  This significantly reduced migration time of each website by half.

With things speeding up, it was then easier to identify new or additional challenges of site migration.   There were, for example, new revisions to be made on certain sites. Occasionally we also get broken links and content lapses during the migration stage.

New Templates

Web Development and Management means that you have to continuously innovate as more clients avail of your services.  As partners of EyeCarePro, it was only natural that sooner or later we will meet sites that make use of new templates.  Along with these new templates also came the regular slew of broken links and minor errors to fix.

The team studied the new templates used and learned how to migrate each site to the new themes.  We even implemented a highly-responsive design for each site, making sure that all broken links were fixed.


Not all clients are into new website themes.  Occasionally EyeCarePro gets clients who wish to backtrack changes made to their website, especially those who chose designer frames.  The team resolved this issue by implementing, for each of these clients’ sites, the old contents and ensuring their links are intact.


By the end of the project, with the help of our team, EyeCarePro was able to successfully deploy and migrate 157 websites.  The entire process of migration — from transferring of data to arranging the pages to ensuring tokenization, widgets, templates, Google Reviews, and all other links and details — is greatly reduced to as low as 3 hours and 30 minutes.