How a Restaurant Expanded Their Business in the Local Market


Tadakuma Japanese Restaurant Iligan is a franchised restaurant that opened in 2015. They launched a Facebook Page within the same year with the goal to introduce Tadakuma and Japanese food around the locality of Iligan City, which includes the surrounding towns and cities.       

Iligan City is a first-class highly urbanized city in the Southern Philippines (Cebu Daily News, 2019).  It has more than 200 restaurants, fast food chains, and food establishments.

The Challenge

When we began exploring the Tadakuma brand in Iligan, our team found that Tadakuma Japanese Restaurant is not that well-known compared to other restaurants in the city.  For one, Tadakuma’s physical location, when compared to other restaurants, is less accessible. It is located on a corner of the second floor of Bellfranz Building. This prevents Tadakuma from standing out among other restaurants that serve foreign cuisine in the area.

Although Tadakuma initially has an existing Facebook page, its social media marketing requires significant improvements in scheduling, content type, and images that would give them an identity as well as educate the public about the Japanese culture and cuisine they represent.

Another challenge our team found is that the company has not established a unique and identifiable selling point on its Facebook page.  Having a unique selling point would have made it stand out and the customers identify that Tadakuma is the Japanese Restaurant to go to.

The challenge, then, was to come up with a social media marketing strategy that for their Facebook page, attract audiences and encourage engagement, eventually building a relationship from general strangers to prospects to loyal customers.

Scope of the Project

  • Social Media Audit
  • Social Media Marketing

The Approach


The team began by exploring the business of Tadakuma through the processes called Initial Auditing and Business Profiling.  Since Tadakuma already had a pre-existing Facebook Page, we did Initial Auditing in order to identify what their social media page was lacking.

After identifying the challenges and problems, the team was able to come up with a social media marketing plan that would re-establish and strengthen a branding that would equate Tadakuma with Japanese Culture, especially Japanese food.  This meant adding a set of graphic templates that would match their already-existing branding colors and their logo.

The challenge was to come up with a social media marketing strategy for their Facebook page, attract audiences and build a relationship from general strangers to prospects to loyal customers.

In addition, the social media marketing plan also helped establish a more dependable posting with a strategic content plan that ensured consistent posting of products, campaigns, promotions, and engaging relevant topics.

Strengthening the Brand

Based on the Initial Facebook Audit we made, our team inserted the necessary information that the target customers need to know about Tadakuma in their Facebook profile.  We further solidified their brand by establishing a branding template that will support in creating effective and engaging graphics for the posts.

The Content Plan

Our team also formulated and carried out a customized content plan fit for the purpose of the business, also taking into consideration the taste of Iliganons.  We came up with a posting campaign to complement their promos during special occasions such as their anniversary, which would draw more attention and make the public familiar with their location.


Online reach increased by 147% in the first month, with as much as 28,000.  Engagement soared up to 500% ,with as many as 4,677 engagements in a month.