Must-Visit Places in Iligan City: Getting Close to Nature

For the past few years, Iligan has been striving so hard to develop beautiful spots within the city. With the help of the creative ideas of the locals, they were able to promote tourist spots. Places that weren’t expected to turn out the way they did today.

If you are someone who seeks comfort from nature, the following are the best choices for you to go to and get some fresh look at nature with a little adventure to reach it. 

Mt. Agad-agad


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If you’re into trekking and mountain climbing, Mt. Agad-agad is your best option! 

As the tallest mountain in Iligan City which has an estimated height of 1,600 feet (490 meters) above sea level, it confidently offers an amazing view of the whole city whether during daytime or nighttime. If you’re into camping overnight, you will witness its mesmerizing view of the whole Iligan City with the bright night lights, making it all magical just by sitting on a bench at the top of Mt. Agad-agad. Surely, the whole tiring journey to this place would all be worth it. 


Tinago Falls


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Known to be one of the most tourist attractions of Iligan, Tinago Falls has been offering tourists, and even locals, a peaceful close encounter with nature. With its very cold water cascading beautifully in a deep and calm basin-like pool that appears like a blue-colored lagoon, you could instantly feel the refreshing embrace of nature after finishing the 500-step from the winding staircase of Tinago Falls. 


Ma. Cristina Falls


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This mesmerizing waterfall served as the primary source of electric power for the city’s industries. Not only that, but it is also one of the most known tourist attractions in Iligan City. For people who want to sit by a river with an enchanting sight of a twin waterfall, this is simply perfect for you!


NPC Nature’s Park    


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If you are already in Ma. Cristina Falls, don’t miss the chance to stop by at the NPC Nature’s Park. Another one-of-a-kind relaxing place that held so much about nature. Different kinds of animals could be seen in the place. You will be surprised by how peaceful they are living inside the park. And that peace will naturally radiate to every single person that visits the place. 


Lawis Spring


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Iligan City gets super hot at times especially during noontime, but you need not worry because this wonderful city of majestic waterfalls will never disappoint you! One thing is for sure, Iligan won’t limit you from having a real unforgettable experience, and Lawis Spring is your key to have this fun experience.

Mimbalot Falls


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Iligan is not known as a city of majestic waterfalls for nothing. 

Witness how captivating Mimbalot Falls is. Unlike the other waterfalls present in the city, this one is very accessible from the city proper. Every minute spent traveling will all be worth it once you get there. The beautiful arrangement of rocks, lined up to guide the water to flow gracefully, the trees and the tall green grasses perfectly add up to its alluring grandeur.


Centennial Park


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Centennial Park has become the most visited place in Iligan by the locals who want to have a relaxing time in front of the sea. May it be with friends, family, or lovers, this place is really awesome. With the sea breeze that softly touches the skin, you’ll feel like whatever negativity you are feeling effortlessly eases off. 

These spots mentioned above are only a small part of what Iligan City can offer. If you are a traveller that has a soft spot for nature, don’t forget to add these to your itinerary. Get close to nature!


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Getting Close to Nature